Our Wholesale Audit System (WAS) efficiently manages your stock and inventory audit process. It can be used by both internal or external auditors as well as back-office users at the finance company.

The system is cloud based and runs on any mobile device. You can use the service online without any investment required to purchase servers and software licenses and benefit from significant cost savings by automating your audit process.


  • Audit Activity
  • Process Automation
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting
Audit Activity

Conduct single site or large scale audits across different outlets simultaneously. Reduce physical audit, audit reconciliation and follow up time and save cost.

Process Automation

Streamline the audit process between auditors and back-office. As an auditor you can provide the audit results in real time and as a back-office user you can see the results immediately as well as the whole audit history.

Risk Management

Stress-test value of stock with internal or external comparison figures. Use the automated follow up process for audit irregularities, e.g. security checks, ownership checks, etc.


The system caters for automatic consolidation of data and reporting eliminating manual data manipulation.